Himmelblå, alternate title sequence. Illustrator and AfterEffects

3D animation creating a walk cycle, a heavy lift and a handstand. Cinema4D

Abstract animation for a pretend car brand called Zen. Cinema4D and AfterEffects

School assignment making a bumper for my school. Group assignment and the winner film! Cinema4D and AfterEffects

Stop Motion film using Illustrator designed characters

Group assignment

Bunzooka Game trailer

Illustrator & AfterEffects

Nordic Film Awards Profile

Illustrator and logo design, AfterEffects

Zbrush project, create a troll/goblin and paint it. Very fun and will definately work more with the program

Android Game! Microbia. Logo, buttons and designs using Illustrator. Get it at playstore

Stop Motion project to visualize a given sound. Group assignment

A remake of a given scene from the movie The Unforgiven. Illustrations made with Illustrator

Group assignment

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