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I am Renate and this is my passion! 

I am a freelancer who just finished 4 years of education within the fields of Illustration and 3D&Animation. My expertise is 2D animation and Illustrations using Illustrator and After effects as my favorite tools.
I have designed several logos, developed a CD cover, and even made an android game! And my dream is to one day be able to work with video games and animations or cartoons and telling stories. Be it for others, or have my own company!
My inspiration comes from video games (especially RPGs in every gender), cartoons and animated movies, Looney Tunes and Donald Duck shortmovies amongst others growing up on the lovelyness. 3D animations as Pixar and Disney. I love comic books, especially Elfquest
I love to develop ideas and the whole progress behind a creation and see it come to life being just a sketch to finished work. I love to create and make my work visually pleasing and fun!

If you like what you see, and enjoy what I do, then please dont hesitate to give me a shout if you need any of my assistance. I am up for anything!
My contact info is located in the upper right corner =)


© Renate Meyer all rights reserved 

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